Moving Forward

Last year was difficult to say the least. My husband lost his job, he hurt his finger which resulted in a 5 day stay in the hospital, and I have had some major medical issues arise. Even though our year ended with not that great of a bang, we had some great accomplishments as well. Both my husband and I finished our bachelors degrees and that was pretty awesome if I say so myself. Our future was hopeful and I started my masters, which was short-lived. Long story short, they found a spot on my brain. Given the symptoms I have, the location of the area totally makes sense. It was kind of like a two edged sword. You know how you have a feeling that something is not quite right with your body, but the doctors shove you off? This has been my story for years. Now that I’ve had the MRI and something was actually found a diagnosis has not been simple at all…to hear the Dr say it may be this or it maybe that has lead to months of unsurety. Two tests later and tons of labwork, I still can’t say for sure what I have. Many things look like I could possibly have Multiple Schlerosis. Any of you that have experience with MS knows there is no specific test that can diagnose it. Therefore there is a lot of elimination of this and that before they can say for sure. Right now, I am lucky I do not have to work, because it would be difficult for me. I live with pain daily. And the exhaustion is the biggest difficulty of all. Through all of this, I know my God is faithful. He has taught me patience and continues to calm and guide me through this journey minute by minute and day by day. I have many limitations that I never had to worry about before and I am having to lean on my family more than ever as well. I am sure God has a great plan for me and no matter what he is there carrying me through this.  



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