Love my Kids

One thing that I know I have passed down to my children (or at least I hope I have) is passion. In any and everything you do, do it with passion! My son and his absolute bona fide love to coach women’s basketball can not be embodied quite sufficiently. At 21 years of age, he has done more than some high school coaches do in a life time. His love and ability to teach and promote via social media is mind-blowing! He currently coaches a college exposure team of high school girls who would typically not have the resources to be able to afford typical AAU teams. They do not charge players the outrageous fees to be on their team like so many others do….but they do not allow just any girls to partake. You have to have the will, drive and talent before you are chosen. I admire the obstacles he has to conquer in order to have the resources for these girls to experience and be put on exhibition for college coaches. I hope that I have made this much of an impression on others lives as he has and will in the future! See their website at #TeamSlink or follow them on Twitter @TeamSlink !




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