Cogitation from mid-life

micheldemontaigne379014Well, the 4th of July has come and gone…also in the last few days I have turned another year older! As I have briefly reflected upon recently, I have come up with 2 conclusions. The first, I am experiencing something that has only happened 4 times in my life, I am double digits. Yep that’s right if you figured correctly, I am 44 years old, which means that the other 3 times were the ages of 11, 22 and 33. This, by no means, is that big of a deal, but it was just an interesting fact that popped into my mind the other day. Secondly, as we all almost figure out eventually in life, I am getting older! I have been lucky all of my life due to the fact that I have good genes. Please don’t think that I am bragging when I say this, it is something that I have heard most of my life, and I have eventually come to accept it is what it is. I am blessed with a “I look a lot younger than what I really am” appearance. I have inherited this from my mother, who in turn inherited it from her mother and so on. I couldn’t tell you how many comments I have received over my life proving my theory…here are just a few…

1. When a parent of one of your son’s basketball players states that they thought you were your son’s girlfriend…
2. Your son comes home from school one afternoon and proceeds to tell you that one of his good friends tells him on the bus how lucky he is because his mom is “hot”!
3. (And the most recent) One of my daughter’s best friends look at me during a conversation of just how old I am this year and says “I thought you were thirty-something”.

It makes this 44 year old woman glow and smile and constantly gives me a good feeling about myself. Actually my inner goddess steps up and starts doing a swooning dance saying, “oh yea….you got this baby”! And yet there is my not-so-confident side, my child-side, that is also at the same time saying, “why do people always say this stuff when they know it is not true”. The truth of the matter, and this is my adult-side commenting, common sense would tell me…it has to be true! Therefore with reason and the constant proof, of things being said to my husband asking if I am his daughter , I have to believe I am blessed with the asset of a youthful appearance. Isn’t it amazing how we really do start accepting ourselves the way we are as we get older?


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