It’s been a few weeks since I posted and I have missed it. I love expressing myself this way, plus I actually learn a lot about myself as I go. I have been working on a major change in my life and hopefully in a few weeks that change will take place. I am going back to school for my Bachelor’s. I have my Associates, but my goal was always to get my Bachelor’s…..eventually….

Living and loving a military man can bring you a lot of heartache and surprises. The best thing he could have ever given me was last week when he said, “honey, I have transferred 24 months of my benefits to you”. Wow! For those of you not too keen on military lingo, I get 24 months of 100% paid for education. I am so ready and so excited. I can hardly wait! I also have to admit, I’m nervous too! It’s change. And I know we have to step outside our boundaries sometimes to get the things in life we truly want. If not, we just become a victim of the same ole same ole. I am defying gravity….I am jumping head first and I refuse to fail!



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