Making a change

I look around me sometimes, with dust and dirt hanging on to crooks and crevices in my house, and wonder what is the true meaning of my life. I get in a rut, a routine of stressing myself out over things I can’t change, and all other areas in my life get put on hold. I have slowly started trying to change my outlook with 5 words…..JUST DO ONE THING DIFFERENT! Just one simple thing. It’s really easier than many people think. Example: if you drink a certain type of cream in your coffee, and you have done so every day of your coffee drinking life, try a different kind. If you, on a daily basis, drive the same exact way to work, use that GPS in your car and take a different route, just to enjoy the scenery. I do. I have 2 ways I can go to work the interstate or backroads. On any given day I may choose the countryside, which is a few minutes longer, but is so worth less traffic and the scenery is gorgeous! Yesterday I made a simple change. I gave my husband an option. He could cook breakfast (which he does quite often on weekends because he likes cooking) or vacuuming. He chose breakfast, of which was really no surprise to me. Thus starting my cleaning frenzy. After vacuuming I was inspired. I cleaned the kitchen, laundry room, powder room and started on the living room. I also allowed my husband to take a break, after he had been working so hard to help me clean the floors, to watch basketball on TV and to take a nap. I cooked him lunch and also fixed supper in the crockpot. After a day of doing so much, we sat in the living room and watched a movie. Even while watching the movie I continued to do laundry. It felt so good sitting there at the end of the day knowing I had accomplished so much. And just think….it was because I chose to do one thing different.



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