Relax, release and let go

Do you have ways of releasing negative energy? Are you a person who allows it to build around you until you become overwhelmed? I am…. I hold on to things, feelings and emotions until I have to release them in some way shape or form. I know the best way to get healthier results is thru exercise and I am definitely one who will make up excuse after excuse why I can’t. I do have one disclaimer though…I have a medical problem that limits me to a degree. But I am not making excuses…I know I can exercise at a slow rate, just not go out and run a mile or two like my husband. The weekends give me down time, which I desperately need, but they are also days that can be very depressing to me. Let me explain further…. Weekdays I work a full time job. This keeps my mind busy so I don’t think about the things that torment me. I am learning slowly how to deal with the issues I have. We all have problems, issues that we may not think we have over our lifetime of years. Every little element that we have experienced makes an impact on how we view life today. (A friend of mine calls it our, “map of reality”) We mold ourselves and our minds not always in the most useful way possible.

Back to my original thought…yesterday was one of those histrionic days for me. I was sad, frustrated, mad, erratic, selfish, grouchy and totally self absorbed all in one! This morning I released that energy! My husband and I wrestled and laughed and wrestled even more. Just a disclaimer, it was all clean fun and not to mention my husband is 6 ft and I am 5’3, so I am in no way a match to him. I did walk away with one self inflicted injury…my ring scratched my side and caused me to bleed, but it was totally worth it! By the time we were finished, not only did I have my exercise for the day, I had released the negative energy! So however you choose to get you mind back to the place where it needs to be….DO IT!



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