We are heading to the border of Tennessee and Alabama this morning to pick a car my son’s roommate purchased. We are picking it up so he can drive it back to Florida for his friend. Ya know there is just something about jumping in a car and taking off driving to a place where you have never been before. It’s an adventure, something that is exciting. A reason too see and experience something new. Now I do have to say this, that taking off on a sunny warm day in these first few days of spring would have been even better, but I will settle with 56 degrees and cloudy.
Tennessee is such a beautiful place! As someone who has lived here all my life, I am a little biased. I have traveled to many places over the last 13 years (4 countries and many states in the US) and they all have their own beauties as well, but to me nothing is as beautiful as my home state. The rolling hills, the rock and slate formations and the different distilleries and vineyards all add to the aesthetics of it’s beauty.

I love to travel as long as certain specifications are met. If it were my husband’s choice, we would hop in an RV and take off across the country. I have not quite warmed up to the thought of living in an RV 24/7. I know that the amenities that these vehicles provide are so much better than what they used to. I do have many places I would love to go, visit and say that I have been there before. But for now, I will just settle for a quick trip to the state line and enjoy all the little things I have not seen or noticed before….


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