Blessed or cursed?

As I was watching the news this morning I realized something God blessed me with… Emotions! As my husband and children will attest, I can not watch movies or shows with a lot of emotion without crying rivers of tears! This is a blessing you may ask? Yes. Try thinking of it this way…God blessed me with the ability to be able to feel others emotions. I am not exaggerating. I can literally feel the emotions that someone near me is experiencing. (Even if I have never been through what they are dealing with) Now you might be thinking…ok I can see that as a blessing, but how is it a curse? This is the part that I have just realized about myself. Because I am able to feel the emotions of others, I have always assumed others could do the same. Boy….have I been wrong! One issue I am/have been dealing with is the fact that as hard as I try to explain to my feelings/emotions to my husband, he doesn’t understand. I have longed for him to be able learn how to experience the feelings and emotions that I am dealing with or just come close in some way or another. Plus most of the time I expect him to read my mind and to automatically understand what I am thinking. I now realize….it’s not going to happen! God didn’t give him the same gifts that He gave me. We are different! Now that my vision is clear, it is obvious to me that as much as I crave to have someone who completely gets me, it will never happen. Needless to say, I have met or know people who come close to having the same talents as I do, they won’t be exactly the same. This is what I believe Paul was experiencing in the bible when he spoke of the log in his eye. We have to learn to deal with these hurdles in our own way. What works for me may not works for you, but we can work together to use these gifts we have been given in the most useful way possible!



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