Brain vacation

So I had the privilege to take a real brain vacation this week. I had never in my entire life experienced one, at least not completely! I have been seeing a counselor regularly for about 6 months now. He is absolutely wonderful and if you don’t have anyone that you talk to regularly where you are 100% safe, I encourage you to do so! Thursday started out with a bang. Woke up to the heat not working and the pilot light out on the hot water tank…so guess what? Yep! COLD SHOWER! I had not been sleeping well and the entire day was stressful! During my session my counselor was very slick and began putting me in a trance before I knew what was happening! Now….I do not recommend you letting anyone do this to you if you don’t know them very well! I was completely awake during the entire session. But when he was finished I was completely relaxed and had not a single worry in my head! It was amazing! We all look for ways to live healthier, eat healthier, so why not help keep your mind healthier? Life is too short to worry about the things we allow ourselves to stress over! I am just as guilty! So put the phone away, put the computer away and just enjoy time to take a brain vacation! You will thank yourself!



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