Fresh Friday

As I was pulling into work today, the sun was shining so beautifully after it being so cold for so long, I felt a sense of complete peace flow all over me! For a long time now, and I do mean years, I have been fighting with my inner self. Struggling over things that I really shouldn’t have to struggle over! Crazy you ask….? Well…maybe! But it’s true! My mind and the way I see things are not exactly the way things really are. For years my opinion should be yours and if it’s not then it should be! Trying to change the way I have thought is a different story though… It’s not easy being me…. But ever so slightly and one day at a time along with one step at a time I am starting to like myself! No…not love….but like! It’s going to take more and more work to get to the love…but for now… least I am to the point where I can deal with my own self!



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