A struggle within

I have become more aware of the changes going on inside me. The peace that I feel in decisions or actions I may take are clearer but not crystal clear. My unconscious mind is healing itself in a way I never before thought would be possible. For this I am so very grateful!

I have been wide awake since 4:30 am…and if you know me well that is well beyond the norm! It is now approaching 11:30 pm, if not passed. I have listened to 2 hypnotic recordings and my mind is still going ever so strong! I struggle with so many issues, yet the stronger I get in one area another issue arises. I have a difficult time when others don’t see things the way I see them. I have taught classes and individuals one on one and I always was commended for being able to explain things in ways that everyone understood what I was saying. Yet I am struggling with that very issue right now! I try to explain something to someone very close to me in several different ways and I don’t get the vibe that they are completely getting what I’m saying. It’s a total roadblock frustration and I know it’s my issue! That’s the hardest part! I am searching and looking for the mental connection that I am trying to force. Everyone is different, everyone learns in a different way….if only the peace I am looking for were as simple as a learned behavior. (Hmmmmm deep thoughts)



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