When life hands you lemons….

The lessons I have learned over the past few months have not only been beneficial but also very eye opening! Everything…every action, every reaction, every emotion, every situation from childhood to current day molds you into the person you are. I have found myself rethinking my future and where I am headed, so that whatever it is, I get the most benefit for me and my family.
With the help of a wonderful counselor and friend, my eyes are much more open to the way I feel and react in many situations. It almost amazes me how I can almost evaluate myself and things from my past and present and see how they effect me on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, each day I take baby steps, but it is a truly emotional roller coaster! I have learned how much I love and depend on my husband. I am blessed beyond measure for each and every person God has placed in my life around me and I pray I have been or will soon be that equally blessing to each of you!



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