Days are growing closer

I haven’t written in a while. Life has been hectic lately. My dad has suffered quite enough and it has come down to matter of a few days. In his honor I wrote this poem to help me through the emotions. I wanted to share it with you all…

The ones that are so dear to us are so hard to let go
We are never truly prepared for it and that day we do not know
The memories we will always keep deep within our soul
We realize that for our loved one they are better off when they go
Lord take their pain and suffering and ease our hurting hearts
For we all will take this path someday when a loved one must depart
Hand in hand you will guide us and though our troubles will all make sense
Right now our struggles are facing us and only you can comfort pain so intense
Peace is such a precious word and only you know how extreme
Lord comfort my family now for on earth we can only dream
We love you, dad, and will miss you when you are gone
But God loves you so much more and with Him is where you belong

I love you daddy!
March 2013


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