My daddy

These past few weeks with my father have really taken its toll. Although he has already surpassed the odds and shown statistics aren’t always a correct guide, his body is slowly wearing down. The last two weekends we have spent at Vandy. Praise God we got thru this one without them!

Watching my mother has shown me how much stronger a person can really be when they are put in the situation where they have to be….worn out, exhausted and looking as if she has ran a marathon, she continues to keep on going just like the energizer bunny. Every hour I spend with both of them makes me crave being with them even more. Realizing that the stress of this world, such as my job so we can pay the bills and have a few extras in life, aren’t always as important as you think they are….

We are on our way home after spending most of the day at their house. What little I can do, such as fold laundry, do dishes, run to the store or just give my dad his pain medicine means the world to them…but to me I feel as if I could never do enough. Probably because I am a lot like my mother and if the roles were reversed I too would run myself ragged.

My father is truly one special person and only God knows the reason he is suffering…but then again Christ suffered so much more and our world on this earth is but a short time. This post is to my Heavenly Father above…thank you for my father and for allowing me a life with one genuine soul who I am proud to call my daddy!



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