Waiting on life

Sitting here in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen. How much time of our life do we spend sitting and waiting? It’s kind of ironic working in a Drs office…usually I am waiting on the Drs to finish with the patients so I can schedule their next appt or procedure. Are we patient and take in the good things of life while we wait? Right now the song “Stayin Alive” has come on the station playing in the office and makes me want to get up and dance! Of course I am refraining, but brain is so up dancing! Lol! Doing the motions of John Travolta in the movie! Not worrying about a thing…which is very not me usually I am saying to myself “come on now I have to get back to work”…and honestly the thought has gone through my brain. Hey… But 70’s music is much more enjoyable!! I am trying to stop and smell the roses more….enjoy the scenery more and relax and enjoy life more! My youngest is almost grown and what will I do then?? Oh the places we will go…like the famous Dr Seuss book!
Here is a quote we all need to stop and think about:



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