How important sleep is

So last night I spent the night in a recliner with my son with his sleep study! Let me tell ya it was NOT comfortable and neither one of us slept much!! I came home and slept till 1pm! I don’t think I have slept that long since I was in my twenties!! Unfortunately, both of my children have inherited my sleep problems. People don’t realize how much your sleep effects everything healthy in your life! Just as much as exercise and food we eat! More and more people are being diagnosed with sleep apnea! If you were wondering the ages of my children and don’t know me…Trevor will be 20 in 2 weeks and Taylor just turned 17!

I am a full advocate of children and sleep studies! There are more and more studies they are doing that prove children that are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, bed wetting etc have sleep disorders!! Please please if your child has been diagnosed with one of these disorders or you think they may possibly have a disorder or snore it is so worth having them tested!!! Those disorders put a brand on them especially in school! Plus it can increase their quality in life! Please check out this article…you may be surprised what can be done to help them.


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