Man it’s Hot and I have to be humble

Ok I know I heard something from the weather man the other day about cool front coming thru….seriously, it’s almost 100 degrees outside! Don’t believe me? Here is the proof….


See I told you!!

Ok…time for humility…exactly one week from today I will be another year older.. Yep 42 to be exact! I don’t feel that old! And thank God I must not look it because when I stop and think about how many times I’ve don’t look old enough to have teenagers…I am thankful for the genes of my mother/grandmother who have never looked the the age they were! Now where my age comes in to play is when my back gets to hurting me or my blood pressure gets to acting up… But this weekend I just haven’t felt right…head feels funny body feels achey..I think it might be sinus related but then again I just keep hoping I will wake up tomorrow and will feel better… I hate complaining and I really hate using time off for going to the Dr and being sick. I want to use it for real time off!!


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