When does it change

If anyone truly knows me out there you must know this…my horoscope sign is cancer…yes also known as the crab…if you read anything about horoscopes you find that I fit that little crab to a T! When I feel stressed or in danger I revert to my hole (notably my bedroom). When you come at me I am also liable to come at you with my defense mechanism…the claw! Also if you read more about it I can’t stand confrontation…I like things to be peaceful and calm, but I can be very impatient…I find it very difficult at times to be patient with the ones I love the most. Most times I feel like I hurt them more than help them….yet I would give the shirt off my back to someone in need… Sounds confusing doesn’t it? To all those out there that I love dearly…please forgive me if I have hurt you. I pray everyday that God give me the strength and patients that I need for each and every one of you!



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