11 years ago today

Today is a milestone…. Most people would say ten years is usually an anniversary milestone, but when you spend it on opposite sides of the globe you move on to the next one. Yes, today is Mike and I’s 11 year anniversary! Needless to say we have probably been thru more in those 11 years (minus the 5 yrs he was deployed), which really takes us down to 6 years we have lived together…than a lot of people do in a lifetime! The bonding of 2 separate families as one… I, just like most everyone else, wonder from time to time if I have made the correct decisions traveling thru life…. I have raised 2 beautiful children, of whom I am proud of both of them. I have worked almost every workday in those 11 years…completed my Associates degree, owned two houses, several cars, made no telling how many friends, traveled to places and countries I had never been, attempted or made no telling arts and crafts, wiped noses, fixed cars, toilets, pools, hearts and so much more…..but ONE thing I have had is ONE husband! Thru thick and thin, whether home or overseas…..we have survived!! Happy anniversary Mike….thank you for 11 (gotta be honest here rocky at times) wonderful years!



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