King of Glory

“Hold me Jesus I’m shaking like a leaf…won’t you be my Prince of Peace”…such a beautiful song! As I sit here waiting to go into church this morning…the sun is shining and the birds are singing after fresh spring thunderstorms yesterday. Sometimes hearing songs like this and having peaceful moments help being us back to reality where we need our focus to be. That focus is my relationship with Christ…He says that the one and only commandment we should have in our lives is to love Him with all our whole being!! Nothing else…He doesn’t say we are doomed if we break one of the 10 commandments! He just wants us to love and the rest will fall in place! I am one who is guilty of worry. I worry about my kids, family, job and bills….. God tells us not to worry and that he will take care of all! Even the birds do not worry where they will sleep or eat! He wants us to have peace in our lives! So today this is my prayer….God help me to see and feel that peace that I need in my life! Just….hold me Jesus!



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