A different aspect on life

Within the last week or so I have had some eye opening experiences and conversations at work. For the past few months I have felt as if my life has been going no where…I go thru phases where everything looks like it is getting better and then it looks like it’s going backwards. I will have to say that in all areas of my life: personal and work. I am finally getting back to traveling with my job, which I love doing, but I am feeling more appreciated and needed at work as the days go by. Personally, it has been a really rough year for me…my son moves off to college, my daughter is now living with her dad (which was a very difficult decision for me) and my husband being deployed and coming home (which even though he is here it seems as if every other day something comes up where may/might have to leave) and he is never really out of danger of leaving…..sigh!!

I am so thankful for several people God has put in my life over the past few months. They may not know it, but they are very special people to me and have encouraged me so much! Everyone needs someone they can talk to and depend on in their lives! Someone who can bring you back to reality. My relationship with God has struggled some…not in the fact that I have ever doubted God, but just simply that I have slipped away from him some…I am asking for prayers. Whoever out there that reads this just say a special prayer for me. There are goals that I have wanted to achieve in my life that I have not yet reached…and maybe it is God’s will that I go in a different direction….my father is very sick…and there are so many emotions that go with cancer and loved ones! That is one thing I can thank God for…there are a couple of people that he has placed in my life over the past few months that have experienced the loss of a loved one from cancer.

There are a couple of books I would like to read and I plan on reading here very soon….I am hoping they will help me get refocused on my life. I am very happy my favorite show Army Wives is now back on….I can so relate to the show…it is scary how much I can relate to the show….but then again it is about army wives and what am I?……an Army Wife!!


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