Military Mombo

Well we are traveling again today for military purposes…headed Ft Campbell way…. Mike is up for promotion to E8 soon and when he gets a slot that will mean he will be a Master Sargent. For him to be promoted, they have to have an official photo taken of them in their current most up to date uniform. So to finish getting his dress blues put together we had to come to FC. For those of you who have no clue about military lingo, this is his dress uniform, the ones you always see in the balls and stuff in the movies. The reason he has to get a new set is because the Army is changing from dress greens to the blues. They have worn the greens every since WWII. Mike has had 3 sets of dress greens since he graduated from basic training in 1978. I know you are probably sitting there thinking….humm….he has been in the military for 34 years? No….after 15 years and Desert Storm he left the Army as a Captain. This would have been in 1993….. After Mike and I married in 2001 and of course 9/11 he was bit by the bug and wanted to go back in. His main reason was only 5 years and he could retire….well, 10 years later, 5 years of deployments all over the world and still going strong, I knew it was just in his blood and he had to do it!

There are definitely different parts to the military world. For example, Mike is not technically full time army…although he works for the Army full-time….(go figure on that one) lol! My mother grew up in the full-time military world quite often referred to as the Air Force. As a full-time military “brat” (love ya mom), she lived in at least 7 different places by the time she turned 18 and flew the coop with my Army dad….go figure! 😉 These were all the places we came up with that she lived during that time: Born in San Diego, Seattle, France, Bakersfield, CA, Okinawa, Philippines, Edward’s Air Force Base (in the Mohave Desert), Washington DC and finally Anchorage AK, where she met and married the love of her life, my dad! Now my life in the military has not been that on a military base or living all over the globe, but I have gotten to travel places I would not have gotten to go and met some of the dearest people in my life! Adventures of a military spouse can make you or break you….so far I am still here and still kicking and Mike is still saluting and fighting for our country….

Who would have thought “only 5 years” would have gone this long, but the plan now is “only 6 more years” and then he has to retire….lol!




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