Migraine Headaches

I don’t know how many of you out there have or have ever suffered with migraine headaches…but I do. This is something I have dealt with since I was as young as I could remember. I have always been able to control my pain because I get the “typical” migraines with the aura. So…basically that means I get flashing lights/spots in my eyes that get bigger and then finally go away. Once the spots go away, the pain hits and whatever side the spots start on the pain comes on the opposite side. Therefore if I take something for the pain while I have the spots then the pain is not as intense…..

Now that I have given you a little background on the matter…let me add a little more … I get cluster migraines. This means I can go months without one and then all of the sudden I get several within a matter of a few days. Only this time they aren’t stopping. I went 6 days straight last week and ended up going to my PCP to get 4 shots! Yes this seem to help, but only for about 4 days….then Monday they hit me again….. Every other day I am fighting one. Valentine’s day….yep….bad one!! My husband and I planned on going out to dinner and we ended up staying home because I felt so bad. I will say this….when I got home that evening, he had a steak candlelight dinner and a dozen red roses waiting on me when I walked in. I only wish I could have enjoyed it better…. So to finalize this quick blog….please pray for me and my headaches….they are very difficult to handle! And if you have any suggestions please feel free give them. I am all for naturalistic things that may help!



One thought on “Migraine Headaches

  1. a nurse friend of mine told me that ppl w/ migraines lack magnesium and recommended maginex ds. it has helped me. it comes in pill and powder form. i take the powder under my tongue and wash it down w/ h2o, tea or coke. hope it helps

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