I am not a winter person

Ok so everyone has been asking the question lately, “where is winter?” Well let me let you in on a secret…..it’s here! And I am cold!!! Winter is not my favorite time of year! I want my summer and warm weather back! Winter is so gloomy and depressing and I just can’t stand it…. I love the sand and the waves and the ocean!! The sun gives me energy that I need to run on… I love working in my yard, around my pool and deck, working on the flowers in my yard! I love the feeling after a long summers day of being outside and then relaxing under the stars in the country!

Right now this time every year I get depressed because of my lack of sunshine….I believe the good ole vitamin D really does ones body, mind and soul good! I am looking forward to spring when the flowers start to bloom, actually the daffodils have already done so here in TN, but this what seems like sub-zero freeze snap probably will kill them off….actually it made me just think of something my husband always says…”It always snows on the daffodils”…and by george….it was snowing yesterday morning and we have a chance of snow/rain mix tomorrow afternoon. Ha!

Now back to my warm wooly thoughts of summer….I am definitely in need of some sand between my toes and rays on my face and shoulders!



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