Up on the mountain top

A weekend away from the fast paced world we live in. After spending a day with your group of military families who currently have soldiers in Afghanistan, we took today to drive up into the mountains of TN/NC and that is what you call God’s country! I will include pictures below…

On our way up we passed a car broken down on the side of the road. An old beat up 1980’s Honda. The man outside of the car was no older than 20 something and he was holding the hood up looking under it as if trying to figure out what to do. We would have stopped but by the time we figured out what was going on we had passed them and there was no where to turn around. Mike and I went on up to the state border and took some pictures and I had hoped someone would stop and help the man with the broken down car….

As we were coming back down there sat the same car with same man with the same look of what will I do…. Mike asked me if we should stop and I said yes! As we pulled off the road and moved closer to the car we could clearly see there was a young girl with a little baby in the car. Mike asked the young man if he needed help and he very graciously said yes. The young man said he thought it was the starter but if we could try to jump it off… So Mike being the manly man he is gets out the jumper cables and attempts to jump the car. I, in the meanwhile, go around and speak to the young girl, who was holding the baby, and asked how old he was…she said 7 months. I spoke to the baby as sweet as he was and he just grinned! I asked her what his name was and she said it was Robby. After a couple of attempts we could not jump the car so we asked if they were from around here. The young man stated Brownsville, NC, which was about a hundred miles from where we were. Mike told them the visitors center was back about 15 miles from where we were and we could go and have the park ranger come help them. We asked if they had any money and he said no. We offered them the 40.00 we had between us…at first the young man said he didn’t want to take our money, but we insisted. We also said that if the car needed to be towed we would pay for it. He was very grateful!

So Mike and I drive back to the visitors center and explain what was going on. They were glad to send a park ranger out to assess the situation and we left our number for the ranger to call if they needed us.

We go thru life worried about our bills and the house we have is not good enough or the car we drive is not fancy enough…this couple probably didn’t have much more than what they had loaded in the back of their car, which consisted of a box of diapers and a bag of Doritos. The car window was busted and to jump the car they had to hold the lid open…and those are the details that I really could remember, but I am sure there was much more wrong with car.

I feel good today! I have helped someone who TRULY needed my help….while realizing my problems aren’t as big as I always think they are….

God bless that sweet young family!





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