Computer problems

Ok so why have become so dependent on computers and technology these days?? We have 2 laptops, a desktop and 2 iPhones in our house and something goes wrong with one of them all the time! Needless to say this is how I keep in touch with Mike when he is deployed and Trevor in Florida! Oh and not to mention watching Trevor’s games online! Funny thing is when we really need it to really work something doesn’t work and life comes to screeching halt! What would we do without the Internet? When having a phone in your house was a luxury….when your spouse or child went off to war or college you were lucky to get a letter once a month…

This generation (that of my children) has no clue what it is like without cell phones, computers or Internet… Basically it’s a now world…. We want everything now. Something that our children and I would even say my generation has forgotten is patience!

Although our computer hiccups for the morning are fixed and we are sitting here watching Trevor and the Stetson women’s basketball team play on our wide screen tv, which is hooked up to Mike’s laptop….take time to stop relax and just enjoy each other without any technology for a while…



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