Trevor’s hospital visit

For those of you that haven’t seen on my Facebook account…my son who just started college in Florida in August suddenly came down with double pneumonia this week. He has been in the hospital since Tuesday night and today is now Saturday…My boy has been pretty sick….The athletic trainer at Stetson took him to the ER on Monday, but they just gave him a shot and a Z Pack and sent him home. Well, needless to say by the next night he was calling me almost in tears because he felt so bad and could not breathe. Between his dad and I we talked him into letting his roommate take him back to the ER. Needless to say, they did X Rays this time and waalaa….pneumonia in both lungs…it has been a long slow process with his healing. I of course, was on the first flight to Florida I could get on Wednesday morning. For 3 days he had been on pain medicine, because of the chest pain, and 2 kinds of antibiotics, one of them being Vancomyacin, the big dog of all antibiotics… They have constantly had to monitor his blood levels with this antibiotic. Yesterday afternoon the Dr was still very concerned with Trevor’s lungs, because he had formed what is called post pneumonic effusion. Basically, the fluids in his lungs were solidifying instead of evaporating. Because of this he called in a Pulmonologist and ordered a CT Scan and more x-rays…. Good news today, the pulmonologist said he still had pneumonia in his lungs, but he did not see any permanent damage to the lungs. It will take at least another 2 weeks before his lungs will be back to normal. As far as going home from the hospital that will be up to the regular Dr….When he is released the Dr did tell us he did not want him going back to class or the dorm for at least another 3-4 days…So we have had to make arrangements for him to have a room to his self for a while…and that is where we are at right now…Most likely the Dr will come in this afternoon and let us know when he will be able to leave, but I don’t think it will be today….


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