Wow….it’s been 8 months….

So much has happened in the 8 months since I have blogged! Mike has left for Germany again….sigh…  He is over there taking pictures, as usual, check him out at I got a new job working at Saint Thomas Heart, which I absolutely love!! Yes I have to drive back and forth every day, but it is what I needed to do for a while. Mike’s dad passed in April. Seems just like yesterday when his grandmother passed away.

Trevor has graduated from high school and has moved on to bigger and better things! He is a freshman at Stetson University in Deland, FL. There he will be majoring in Sports Management to move on to his dream of being a coach! While he is there he will be working as the student assistant/Manager for the women’s basketball team. We are not talking little middle school team….we are talking NCAA!! We are so proud of him and his accomplishments, but I sure do miss him being around….and so does his sister…I will post some pictures of Stetson’s campus at the end.

Last month we also found out that my dad’s Melanoma cancer has spread. It is now in the lymph nodes in both legs and in in his lower back. They have started him on a new drug that has just been released a couple of months ago. He has only had one treatment, but so far it seems like the only side effect he has had is being tired. If you know my dad….he has never complained about being tired. I know that this will be a long process and I know God is in control, so I just have to put all my faith in Him!


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