Revelation for the new year…

Over the past 4 days I have had a new revelation…many of you may not know, but on Tuesday I hurt my back. Just to give you a little background, in June of last year I had a ruptured disk in my lower back. After 3 long agonizing months of recovery I finally got  back to what I thought was normal…although I would never be normal, because once you have an injury of this sorts, you are more prone to have this same injury again…

With that said…on Tuesday I was moving some boxes at work. Not very large boxes, or even super duper heavy boxes…but ones that I should not have even considered lifting or pushing…By Wednesday I could not move or get out of the bed without crying and wanting to pull my hair out. To completely be honest, I could not even roll over in bed without screaming. Thus I have had to depend completely on my husband and children. COMPLETELY! Although my family would do anything in the world for me, the one thing I don’t think they realize is that sometimes all I want to know is that they care…Yes, you heard me correctly…I just want to know that they care…

This has given me time to think about how I treat others. How many times do I do things for people knowing they truly appreciate what I am doing, but really the whole time just wanting to know that I care. Oh, I have had texts from from friends asking me how I was doing…but the ones closest to me are the ones I really want to ask me how I am feeling. I hope and pray Lord that I am doing this the way you would want me to…I know there are times that I am helping someone, but am I truly putting my whole heart into it or am I thinking about all the other things that I need to do while doing it? So many times I would have loved for my husband to just sit down beside me on the bed and say…”how are you doing”…or…”what are you watching”….Please don’t take me wrong…my husband is completely and utterly wonderful…but…he is human and he is a man…LOL!

My New Years revelation (yes…I meant revelation)…is this…I want to help others and I want others to know that I truly care….I don’t want to be one  that takes food to the elderly or does something for my in-laws, etc just because I feel like I have to…I want to do it because….I CARE!! I also know that they only way I can know that I am doing what God wants me to do is to totally depend on Him!


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