Oh how just a few months can change….

I have been gone way too long from posting on my blog…I know…I know…Between the stress and tribulation of being a single parent over the last few months, many emotions have flowed in and out of my brain daily…(ha…and not just the crazy ones) I can not believe in just a little over a month Mike will be coming home! Yes…coming home! Only to leave again in a few months…oh but weighing the pros and cons are like a seesaw going up and down…as so is my brain with its pounding at times…Over these past few months, I have made new friends…dearly beloved friends,  I have lost a dearly beloved friend, I have completed my Associates in Business, I am working at a new job…a medical clinic in Eagleville to be exact…

I am planning Mike’s homecoming, not sure what all it will involve…going away and enjoying each other’s company will be first on the list. Hopefully, I will do better keeping you all in touch with the things and emotions going on… IMG_3836


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