Life in the fast lane…

Well…I sure have been neglecting to write lately. Which really is not my intent at all. I have been struggling with different emotions and feelings lately. Since I have not been working, I have found myself feeling depressed lately. I am not one that likes taking anti-depressants, but after a long conversation with my doctor we decided to give it a try. He recommended that I try simply for my blood pressure sake. After two attempts to raise my bp meds it simply did not want to go down. I think my doc felt that because of the stress I was under with Mike being overseas, the responsibilities I have to keep up with, and the change of me not working was causing extra stress on my body. Because of these issues, he thought I might need a little extra help in relaxing. Now…needless to say I still get stressed out, but I am feeling a little bit better.

So…now that we have that out of the way…if you are still not sure what you would like to give your sweetie for Valentine’s Day…I can help. TuneTown Show Chorus is once again doing singing Valentine’s this coming weekend. We have several different kinds that you can choose from. Please, please take a look at our website…Give your loved one something that they will never forget!


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