Update on everyone…

Well…it has been a long week…Just so you know, Mike made it to Kuwait and will be moving into Iraq in a few days. It has been very difficult not being able to pick up the phone and call him whenever I want to. I feel like I sit and wait for the emails…I don’t get to hear from him as often as I like. I have been waking up at night and checking my email because I keep waiting to hear from him…:-(
Taylor now has her foot in a boot. We went to the doctor yesterday and it appears that the main tendon that goes up the back of her leg is pretty bad off. If you were not aware, she had surgery on both ankles last spring to correct severe pronation in both feet. They put small implants in both ankles to straighten up her stance. In July, the right implant had started working its way out, so they had to go back in and correct it. Well…this is the foot that is bothering her. She can barely walk on it at times. The stress on the foot from the implant is causing other issues. It is difficult when they have been walking the same way for 12 years to correct something and it not affect other parts of the area.
Trevor is doing good. He is just enjoying life right now as a teenager and with his friends. He has certain friends that he goes to school with that just tickle me. They kid and act silly like I did when I was in high school. These are the days he will look back and laugh at. I just pray that everyday will be as joyous as the last…


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