Yesterday was one of the hardest days to go through…

If you didn’t know, my husband left yesterday for his tour in Iraq! They had a big to do at the armory yesterday morning for the friends and families of the troops. Watching those around me with their little ones, spouses, parents, and others helps one to realize how lucky many of us are. How bitter sweet it is to know that you have all those that love you the most surrounding you, but knowing that in just a few short minutes everyone of them will be separated by distance can tie knots in your stomach that you didn’t know existed! As much as you try to prepare for that day, nothing can completely take that pain away! At the point they disappear you try to shift your focus…maybe you think ok, that is one day closer to them coming home…Whatever your thoughts may be there is pain. A void that no one can replace. Trying to sleep last night was difficult. I constantly woke with the thoughts of the day on my mind. I arose this morning hoping for an easier feeling deep within me, but still the void is there…I just want to salute my husband and all of those serving with him in the 269th MP unit! We love you and know that God will keep you safe! You will be coming home to us safe and secure! Please feel free to read the article written in our local paper yesterday (with mentions of me and several members of Mike’s family)… Read DNJ article here…


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