Where have I been?

Well…I have several answers to that question…but right now I am just totally exhausted!  This Christmas because of the budget thing and the simple fact that I hate Christmas shopping, I made quite a few “presents” this year…I must say that I am super proud of myself and amazed at how well I did these things. It is so simple to search on Google and find free patterns on the web! Who would have thought to use the internet for patterns?

Anyway…my wonderful husband has been home for several days now…we only have 3 days left until he leaves for quite a LONG time…but I have the faith and hope that God will keep him safe and bring him back to me…

Christmas was full of going here and going there…we went to my parents church on Christmas Eve for a candle light service and watched the play that my dad was in…if I do say so myself he did a wonderful job and it makes me proud to say…”that’s my dad”…(wink, wink).


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