Last day…

Well, I am home…I took my hubby to the airport yesterday in Louisville and had to tell him goodbye until Christmas. This was a very hard day for me. So many emotions go through your mind on days like these; sadness, frustration, anxiety and much more to describe…After telling him goodbye, I had a long drive home for 4 hours…It gave me a lot of time to think.  The economy has so many people, we are included in that picture. I sit and wonder will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel, but I know there will be…I just have to continue to know that the Lord will provide…


One thought on “Last day…

  1. In response, I too, had emotions running everywhere that day, a lot of people say it gets easier with time. This is the further est from the truth. It gets harder every time to say good bye again, even though I know I will be home on Christmas and so many soldiers will not, I come to the realization that I still have one more time to have to say goodbye. That time it will be for a year, people have no way of know what that feeling is like to say goodbye to a love one. I love my wife very much and we have a special kind of bond that I would not take anything for. It truly takes a strong woman to say goodbye to a husband for a year at a time, this makes the second time we have had to do this. Its takes your heart right out of you, the hardest thing is watch you walk out of sight and seeing you drive off. No one can even imagine that feeling if you have never experienced it. But the thing that keeps you going is the love that you have in your heart and knowing that every thing will be okay, and thinking the thoughts of holding you in my arms once again. Stay strong, I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU.

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