Happy Veteran’s Day!

I have often said how proud of my soldier that I am! My husband is currently active duty and is scheduled for over seas in January…He is currently training and will be away from home until the week of Christmas…(sniff, sniff). It is very difficult to be a single parent, while he is gone. Kudos to all single parents out there, because it takes a lot of energy! Ok…back to my original subject…Mike makes me very proud in serving for our country! He never complains or gripes about doing his duty…he just does it! So this post is for him and all of those out there that have given their lives or just served so that we in America can have our freedom!

These are the men in my life that have served and I am very proud of…

Germany 2004
This is Mike in Germany in 2004…

bill_mcgillThis is my dad, who served in the Army, which lead to meeting and marrying my mother in Anchorage, Alaska…

christmas03-061My grandfather, who is no longer with us, he served in the Navy and Air Force and retired with the military after 30 years!

christmas03-005My father-in-law who served in the U.S. Army…


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