The greatest command…

How many of us out there get so frustrated when our kids fight and argue? Nothing can hurt a mother more than to see their children in a total disarray. This may sound strange, but I truly believe we have to teach our children the tools to talk through their issues, just as if we were at work training someone in how to handle customers on phone conversations. Stopping them and coaching them through a tense moment can make all the difference in the world. Now, let me make this disclaimer, I don’t always follow my own advise. But in my experience, when I have stopped the bickering and talked them through the real issues and everyone has gotten their problems out on the table, it feels like such a relief. I know in my house, my kids have spent a lot of weekends and weekdays (in the summer) away from each other. Sometimes one may be with their dad for several days and the other may be with their grandparents for a few days. Then when they come back together their worlds fall apart. They laterally have to learn to readjust their lives around one another. The same thing happens with marriages. When your spouse goes away for a few days or a few months there is a readjusting time when they return. When my children get to fighting, I have sometimes even broke out in song singing…Love one another for love is of God…They can’t help but laugh and start singing along…How to teach your children to truly love one another is a difficult task to accomplish, but being that example and helping moderate those disagreements can make a world of difference.


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