I have really been stuggling with motivation lately. With Mike gone, I tend to get lonely a lot of times. Even during the day I find myself getting a little depressed. I think this is simply because I have worked all my life and now I am staying at home. I find that I feed off of interaction with others. I see a lot of my friends that have play dates and such for their kids, but mine are teenagers. If it were not for living so far from town and gas prices the way they are, I would love going to yoga classes or something. I could be involved with something, but it is not feasible for me to drive 20 miles to town once or twice a day.

I have been very sick this week end with a stomach virus. This, to me, is the ultimate I can’t stand sickness. I hate vomiting! To beat it all, I had two final essays that were due yesterday. I did terrible on both of them. I was so weak and could barely get down a few bites of chicken noodle soup. Well, I have attempted to the best of my ability. I am determined with my next two classes to be more organized and have most of my final assignments done BEFORE the last week of school. Any pointers?


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