It is almost here…(sigh)

Well…it two days my husband will be gone. I will only get to see him a handful of days from now until the end of the year. After that…he is gone for a year! (collective sigh) The emotions I have right now are really indescribable. In some ways…as much as he has been here and there and gone and home it would almost be better if they just shipped him to a desert island somewhere so his presence was not a tease. I am lucky though…some people haven’t gotten to see their spouse at all for the past few months. Mike has had a friend of his (from the unit) stay with us a couple of times because he had such a far drive to go home. He is coming tonight, which means I am cleaning house and making meal plans. They leave bright and early Saturday morning. I have a ton of things going through my brain…like getting the grass cut and weeded, getting the trash hauled off, and a whole brain full of other things that I would love to have done before he left, but I know that will not happen. Oh well…I will survive…I have wonderful friends that completely surround me and I know that any one of them would be here in a heartbeat if I needed them. That is the wonderful thing about have christian friends and family. Well…I need to get cleaning and grocery shopping and I think my coffee just got finished…so until next time…


2 thoughts on “It is almost here…(sigh)

  1. I will be praying for your family, for encouragement, protection and an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the sacrifice that your husband and family is making.



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