Politics, Palin, and parenthood…

With the election sitting at our back door and the talk of everyone, I have found this blog and absolutely love what is said about many issues that key in this years election. I have friends and family members that have had to deal with this very issue. I do not judge them for the mistakes they have made in their past, and I believe they all would have made different choices had they had it to do over again. Sarah Palin is a very strong woman, who is taking a stand that many of us could not possibly do. Everyone is screaming they want a change. My opinion is that Sarah Palin is that change! I have never been faced with the issue of having a disabled child, but if I had that decision to make, I would choose life! It is sad that people have to revert to this type of an issue to tear a person down. I personally feel she is the woman we all need to be and stand for the issues we believe in.


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