Teenage girls and self-esteem

I am very worried about my 13 year old daughter. From the day she was born her self-esteem has been very low. I have struggled with this very subject, because I on the other hand have always been very positive. Well…maybe more in my older years, but I have never been like her. I worry so much about her attention that she craves and it scares me now that she is getting to like boys more and more. (Not that she has never liked them, but she likes them uncontrollably it seems…) I talk to her about respecting herself and how boys will be boys, but some how it does not seem like that is enough. I pray constantly that God will protect her and give her the ability to know how to act. Does anyone have any suggestions out there? I appreciate anything anyone has to say on the subject…


2 thoughts on “Teenage girls and self-esteem

  1. Well, I really dont know where to start, but let me start by saying I LOVE YOU. Of course its two fifty a.m. and as usual I can’t sleep. I have been up since about twelve thirty. I have read a good many of your blog since I have been sitting here, and have came to the conclusion of what a wonderful, caring and loving wife I have, you have some very wonderful inner thoughts about yourself and God, who is such a big part of our lives and our family. Even though we attended a marriage class last year, and we learned so many great things about each other, tonight, as I read your blogs, something special just clicked inside of me and made me realize all over again how much I love you and how I wish I could give you a hug right now, but I know that would not be good, because you are asleep, I know how you are when you are asleep and get woke up in the middle of the night, so I want wake up grouchy, I will let her sleep and just give you a hug in the morning. Well babe, its only a few days now until the ride begins again, hopefully this will be the last one, who knows, only God. As before, God got us though the first one, and I know he will get us through this one. As you stated in an earlier blog, we have a big support group, the type of support group everyone needs. It helps me to concentrate on my work knowing that you will be taken care of by some wonderful people, should you need anything. Thanks for you support and understanding, it really means a lot to me. Well on and hour and forty five minutes before I have to hit the track, that should be fun, with only four hours of sleep. I know I dont always say and do the right things, but words cant describe how much love I have for you, and how very very proud I am of you for your accomplishments and all that you do for me and this family. I LOVE YOU Mike

  2. I highly recommend reading the book “Queen Bees and Wannabes”. I know you say your daughter’s self-esteem issues have been around since she was a baby but they will get more intense as she reaches her teen years. This book is a must read for every mom of every teen girl. I highly recommend it. It will teach you ways to parent her through these years so she can avoid the common pitfalls of these years. It will also be very enlightening about your own teen years.

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