Congratulations Michael and Starla!

Well, it has been a very eventful weekend to say the least…My stepson, Michael, got married yesterday to a very sweet and loving woman. Friday was full of getting everything ready at the church. I madeflower arrangements and did bows, ivy, and many other things. We had a wonderful rehearsal and dinner! I was exhausted after one day, and I couldn’t imagine what it would have been if it were two. Then yesterday we had to get up bright and early to get the kids some new clothes for the wedding. Then home and got ready, then straight to the church. After doing more bows, candle arrangements for the windows, and pictures we started the ceremony. Jessie, my step daughter, and I stayed in the back and made sure everything went just as planned…and guess what…it did! It was all so sweet! We had the ceremony and reception…and then on to clean up!! UG! I am tired! Finally we got everything loaded and cleaned! Boy am I tired!

After we got everything back to the way it should be at the church we were gonna run home. Starla and Michael were having some friends over to the Coconut Bay Cafe and Mike wanted to get pictures of them and their first dance…We all had to go home and change clothes, the kids were going to there dads. As we were about to turn into our subdivision, Trevor was driving, he stopped because a car was coming from the opposite direction, another car pulled out in front of the car coming toward us! It only missed us by inches. Taylor thought it had skidded the side of our car, but we looked at everything, and I think it might have just been debris from the other cars or just the impact of the cars (right beside her door might I add) that felt like we were hit! Luckily everyone was ok…just shakin up! Believe it or not, until others showed up I was the only adult present in all 3 cars! The oldest of all the girls involved in the wreck was 19!! Trevor was very shakin up to say the least! I felt so sorry for him!

Well, back to the wedding party…We went to Coconut Bay and had a really good time! Michael and Starla looked so happy! Mike was very proud of Michael, we all are…he has come a long way from a year ago!

Starla and Jacob…welcome to our family! We love you all!!


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