New Adventure…

Today starts a new venture for me. Today is my very first day as a “stay at home mom”. This is a path I have never taken before. I have always had this dream deep down inside of me that I could do this, but it was never possible. God has provided this opportunity for me and I want to walk with him through the whole experience! The emotions I am feeling right now are all over the spectrum. I am scared (I mean who wouldn’t be), I am excited, I am sad, and I am very apprehensive! So many times I question myself and I ask myself is this truly what God is wanting me to do…I make decisions and then second guess myself wondering did I really read into this right. The numbers are there. If I can keep a good hold on the budget we will be ok. No…I can do this with the help of God! đŸ™‚

I am ready for this adventure. I am starting two new classes today toward my degree. If I can complete this in the time I would like, it would be wonderful. Although my goal is to get as much done by the end of next year when Mike will be home, I am just going to take one step at a time (with God).


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