Too much to do!

Well, Mike has been gone for over a week now and I am struggling…Does one really know the chores that are involved when your spouse is out there in training for standing up for our country? Well let me give you an insight…:-) Cutting grass, weed eating, cutting the grass some more, weed eating some more, pulling weeds from flower garden, taking out trash and hauling it off, vacuuming the floors(both stories), blowing off the long driveway, doing dishes, laundry, mopping floors, taking kids to school, taking kids to any function they may attend, taking care of dogs, taking care of bills, taking care of checking account, taking care of family members that may be sick, and that is only a few! LOL! I can only find humor in it, because it has only begun. I am in for another year and four months of this….(Sigh, sigh, and sigh some more)…(Pause for a moment of meditation)…

Oh well, this world is only temporary and once again…I will prevail! 🙂


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