Quiet house…too quiet!

Well, today I am sitting at home alone. Mike is in Mississippi, Taylor is with a friend, and Trevor is house sitting at his dad’s. There are times that I sit and wish I could have “quiet” time, but when it actually happens I feel sad! 😦 I have watched HGTV for a while, I laid out in the pool for a while, and well, now I am here writing! I was sitting on the couch last night trying to figure out what to watch, which is unusual because there is typically someone else wanting to watch what they want to watch. I was just plain lonely!

I have been going to physical therapy this week for my back. The exercises they have given me make total sense, and they are definately effective (I feel the pain)! It is amazing at the muscles I don’t use on a regular basis. Some of them need to be used! LOL!


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