My back (Sigh)…

Ok, so has anyone out there ever had severe back problems…? Well, for those of you that did not realize it, my back has been hurting since the end of May, and I have been out of work this whole time. I went back to my back surgeon on Friday and I am out for 6 more weeks… I can’t do a whole lot at all! It is frustrating because I could think of a million and one things I could do around the house (if I were able). I have had one epidural of steroids in my back so far and it only lasted about 5 whole days(sigh)! I am scheduled now for another next Monday, and I start physical therapy today. This is no fun game! I have seen people with chronic back pain and you often wonder if they “truly” hurt as bad as they say they do (sorry if that offends anyone). Well I am here to testify…I HURT! I am sick of hurting! I want to be able to sit for a while or stand for a while and not have to constantly change positions! Oh well…I know that if God meant for my back to be healed before now that it would be done! He has other things in mind for me and although sometimes it is hard to believe, good things will come out of this…I just pray that I can continue to endure the pain.


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