I really want more…

Over the past few weeks I have done some real soul searching…When you have hurt your back and have to spend a lot of time (and I do mean a lot) flat on your back in bed, you have a tendency to think about things! Things like…all the cleaning you could be doing, all of the painting your walls need, etc. I have accomplished one thing. I read a book! LOL! Ok, many of you may not think that is so great, but believe me, this is probably the 2nd book I have read in the last 7 years! That is a big deal for me! The book I read was pretty awesome! If you have not heard about it then you should it is called The Shack…Now let me warn you, if you want to read it then be forewarned, it makes you think! Really!

The other think I have been soul-searching about is my job. I want to be able to trust God more, and I feel that one way to do that is by quiting my job. I would like to be here for the kids while Mike is over seas and before he goes, I would be able to come and go visit him more when he is off at training. I would also like to attempt to try to finish my degree! Now with this decision there would have to budget changes, major budget changes. This can be done (with God’s help of course). I have crunched the numbers over and over again. Mike will also make more once he completes his school (with the military) and is finally deployed to Iraq in January. That extra would be exactly that…extra.

Anyways…these are my dilemmas. My faith can and will be strengthened, but brain is scared!


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