Update on Taylor

Well…I thought I would let everyone know about Taylor. She had surgery on both ankles on Friday…and boy…I am exhausted. She had to have implants put in each ankle to keep them from turning inward. She had way too much flexibility in both ankles, which was causing pain in her arches, feet, ankles, and in her knees.

She is not able to walk yet, and the doc seems to think that is ok. He said she will start physical therapy next week, and we will talk about her going back to school next week when we see him. This has been hard, because we have had to move her when she needed to go to the bathroom, take a shower, oh and taking her the doc this morning was physically hard on me. My dad had to meet me at the doc office to get her out of the car and into the building. The good part is that the pain seems to slowly decreasing. He did change her pain meds this morning, because the other did not seem to be very effective. I will keep you updated on her progress…Just keep her in your prayers…


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