The absolute one thing I can not stand is being jerked in one direction and then another… Friendships and even relationships more than friendships (such as family) can be so frustrating….I am an emotional person and I am an emotional rollar coaster at times…go figure…LOL! I stand behind the things that I say and I also don’t leave people standing in the dark… Uncertainty, I guess you could say, is my total downfall in life! I know, the Lord can help us to control those downfalls, but why does it seem sometimes that it totally consumes you? The people that I love…I love…The people that I care for…I care for…and so on and so on…

I hope that people don’t ever have to sit around and wonder how I truly feel about them, because if I have given them any reason to wonder…then I apologize because that is the one thing I can not stand and that is indecisiveness…


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