When you learn things about those that you thought you knew everything about…

I have had the privilege to spend the last 2 days with a very close friend of mine. She is one of the very few that I could tell my deepest and darkest secrets. I have learned things that I didn’t realize were even happening in my life…am I that so stupid and naive or am I really accomplishing the things that I wanted to accomplish? There is a fine line between the two…I truly did not realize that people viewed me the way that some of them do…I hope and pray that it is positive way that I come across and not the negative…because everything that I live and breath is for the good…

Possibly there have been things said about me that may not have been true. There are people that have truly touched my life that don’t really know HOW much they have touched my life…and in what ways.

I love life and I truly hope that I have had a great influence on those around me in a positive way…because that is all that I have ever wanted…


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